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Our twin boys started going to the school when they turned two and have now attended ACJS for a year and a half. We only spoke swedish to them at home so when they started they knew very little English. After just a few days they were totally fine with us leaving them there.
The other day I came to pick them up and Miss Tiffan (one of their teachers) asked me what “älskar dej” means. I said it means love you in swedish. Apparently she had used the words to comfort one of my boys that day.
I asked her how she knew what to say and her reply was that she had heard me say it.
My heart melted due to the fact that she was able to comfort my boy with words she overheard me say to him and his brother.

Our boys have over the years attended 4 of the 8 classrooms at ACJS and everyone of the teachers have been amazing!

L W. Yelp Review

Very friendly teachers. They create a welcoming atmosphere in the classroom. The multi-age classroom was great for my daughter and she learned a lot in a few months

Ashwini G.Yelp Review

My son has been going to A Child’s Journey school since 6mo old.  He started out in the Sunflowers room and is currently in the Ducklings room.  We all just love Ms Pota and Ms Tina, they are so sweet and I always get good feedback from them on how he’s doing.  When I first started looking for daycare it was difficult, a lot were full and others required full time or were extremely expensive.  I looked hard at several Montessori schools.  When I walked into the infant room at A Child’s Journey I breathed a sigh of relief.  It felt so relaxing, low lights and no “prison cribs”.  The teachers there were so great with the babies and I felt comfortable leaving him there.  Linda is doing a great job so far and we are happy with everything he’s learning.  The rates are super reasonable and it’s been so nice to have flexible days.

Rian H.Yelp Review

This is our first time using all-day daycare. We were amazed by how much our toddler loves it. He looks forward to going, always seems happy there and even NAPS for two hours (something he doesn’t do at home!) The teachers in the duckling room are lovable and caring with our kiddo and we are grateful for their attention. I appreciate the Montessori approach and the large outdoor area. Our kiddo is very active and I want this encouraged as much as possible.

Kate M.Yelp Review