IMG’s mediators have achieved numerous and substantial successes throughout the world over the past twenty years. Our results in our areas of specialized expertise have enabled IMG to attract both high-caliber projects and clients over the years.

Attorney-Client Disputes

  • Lawyer failing to release trust funds – 3 parties $300,000.
  • Legal firm over billings – 2 parties $175,000.
  • Lawyer failing to refund unearned attorney’s fees.


  • Securities fraud and off-shore securities offerings – 12 parties- $4 million
  • Securities fraud involving state and local agencies – 9 parties $7 million
  • Dissolution of attorney’s group practice -9 parties $8 million.

Civil Matters

  • Planning commission voting irregularities – 8 parties – non- monetary.
  • Lawyer engaging in misconduct in connection with client representation.

Entertainment Industry

  • Numerous mediations with major studios, agents, playwrights, producers and business managers related to negligence, breach of contract and residuals. Details provided open qualified request.

Golf Industry Business

  • OEM Manufacturer and Shaft supplier dispute – 2 parties $900,000
  • Overseas component manufacturer and golf club manufacturer- 2 parties – $555,000
  • OEM manufacturer and company endorser – Incentive payment dispute – $300,000.

Commercial Contracts

  • Breach of fiduciary duty and restructuring of $12 million real estate partnership- 2 parties
  • Bank board of directors insurance policy distribution of payout 3 parties – $1.5 million
  • Bank liability for forged checks – 2 parties $135,000.
  • Suit by limited partners in bio-tech investment – 4 parties $3 million
  • Lender liability claim – 3 parties $8 million


  • Mandela Government and Outgoing transference of power – 14 parties
  • Intertribal disputes regarding gambling licenses
  • UN office building lease portfolios
  • Kibbutz negotiations relative to each parties obligations

Government Tort Liability

  • Mediation of personal injury and negligent supervision cases involving public school districts
  • Mediation of failure to promote cases with police departments, sheriff departments and public school districts

Product Liability

  • Defective air condenser units – hotel chain – 2 parties $400,000
  • Defective Office building elevators -3 parties $600,000
  • Defective syringes – 2 parties $444,000
  • Stepladder manufacturer -2 parties $222,000
  • Pallet manufacturer – 2 parties $150,000

Entrepreneurial Disputes

  • Distribution of profits from sale of company – 3 parties $3.2 million
  • Franchise transfer among partners upon dissolution of company – 6 parties $3.8 million
  • Rights to ownership of marketing materials and manuals – 3 parties $276,000
  • Delineation of franchise territories between partners -5 parties $ 3.2 million


  • Extensive expertise mediating Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) cases
  • Extensive expertise mediating Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) cases
  • Reasonable Accommodation & Undue Hardship Cases (physician assistant/licensing board; security guard/airport security company; job applicants/retail industries; employee promotions/private sector and state/local governmental entities)
  • Reasonable Modifications in Policies, Practices and Procedures cases (use of service animals, access to drug assistance programs, amusement parks, stadiums, amphitheaters, transportation programs, health spas, police departments, lodging facilities and hospitals)
  • Complex Multi-Party Utility Industry mediations involving ADA, Workers’ Compensation and Collective Bargaining Agreement (employee, employee’s steward, labor management, union (national) representative, counsel)
  • Interactive Discussion Process, Essential Job Functions, Protected Individuals (including physical, mental disabilities, language and communication), Permissible Documentation, Post-Secondary Education, Academic Performance, Academic Testing, Employee Misconduct-Discipline, Threats to Others/Self , Workplace Violence cases
  • Technical Assistance for Individuals or Public/Private entities
  • “Readily Achievable” Barrier Removal
  • Accessible Design Requirements Under the ADA Accessibility Guidelines, State Regulations and Local Building Codes
  • Application of Disability Statutes to Disability Mediations (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, Rehabilitation Act 1973, Architectural Barriers Act, Fair Housing Act Amendments, National Labor Relations Act)


  • Race, sex, age, religion and disability mediations for United States Postal Service, United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing
  • National origin discrimination mediation with national bagel manufacturer
  • Age discrimination mediation in fabric dyeing and finishing business, health industry, retail sales
  • Race and age discrimination termination in public transportation construction project
  • Pre-litigation in-house mediation (employees, supervisors and human resource professionals in different industries)
  • Religious discrimination with employee and surgical center
  • Pregnancy discrimination with long term human resources employee and nonprofit human rights organization
  • Retaliation cases


  • Mediation of Pre-Litigation Employment Disputes (age and sex harassment, wage and hour, discipline and grievance policies)
  • Mediation of Wrongful Termination (discharge in violation of public policy, breach of implied or express contract, breach of implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing), Constructive Discharge, Layoffs and Downsizing, Emotional Distress, Defamation, Invasion of Privacy
  • Mediation of Wage and Hour & Other Labor Code Violations
  • Mediation of cases involving Family Medical Leave Act, Age Discrimination in Employment Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, Civil Rights Act of 1964, California Family Rights Act, Department of Fair Employment and Housing Act, Workers’ 

International Commercial Disputes

  • International airlines landing right disputes 2 parties- $24 million
  • Shipping company and oil producer – 2 parties $ 3 million
  • Olive oil producer and distributor -2 parties $400,000
  • Car Manufacturer and Armor plating manufacturer -2 parties $700,000

Professional Malpractice

  • CA’s failure to advise client of embezzlement by money managers – 2 parties $600,000
  • Attorney malfeasance, self-dealing, conflict of interest and non-disclosure.
  • Legal malpractice in development of boating dealership – 3 parties $475,000
  • Legal malpractice in SEC Registrations -3 parties $2 million
  • Physician and hospital pharmacy in prescription error for woman’s medication 3 parties $300,00

Real Estate/Construction Defects

  • Partnership suit against Big 8 and major S &L for fraud, negligence, RICO violations on a sale-leaseback on a large office building – 3 parties $9 million
  • Limited partnership dissolution – 13 properties – 4 parties – $60 million
  • Limited partnership breach of contract and specific performance 23 parties $2 million
  • Limited partnership and home owners association claim on 400 unit condominium -2 parties $50,000
  • Tenant’s claim against Landlord for roof collapse damages sustained during earthquake -2 parties $425,000
  • Mortgage servicing entity in action arising from a pool of mortgages – claim favorably settled
  • Various mediations with subcontractors, lenders, developers, middlemen and purchasers